Anabolic peak cookies and cream

MuscleTech was nice enough to send me this product as a Field Tester. Blackberry was not listed in the above. I must say I was very nervous about taking CellTech, My main concern was what people joked about on the forum. However, let be the first to say... I was dead wrong. I'm very happy I was able to try CellTech and I'm a believer now. Did I get huge? ... no. However, I did gain a bit and my muscles seemed "fuller". It's nice having creatine and bcaa's already loaded into the product so it's easy to just scoop,mix, drink. I will be purchasing CellTech, and it will be an item in my supplement list for now on. Now, I'm not a big "blackberry" lover... However, the taste is pretty spot on to what blackberry taste like, and it wasn't to bad.

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Anabolic peak cookies and cream

anabolic peak cookies and cream


anabolic peak cookies and creamanabolic peak cookies and creamanabolic peak cookies and creamanabolic peak cookies and creamanabolic peak cookies and cream