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Yeah, you’re right that rehab centers can’t really be responsible for relapses. But: even if Narconon did provide any real useful rehab (it doesn’t – negligent! – you can also say it’s intrinsically negligent th hire new ‘graduates’ as staff. Staff drug use is apparently rampant, a recurring theme, and even if you can’t prevent relapses, you CAN hire qualified staff and take strong measures against staff being able to get away with drug use and illegal behavior while on duty and on the premises. A blind eye gets turned to this as long as stats are up.

This reminds me of the letter I wrote in response to the CO of ASHO D back in the 1990’s (Jon Lundeen?) when he was doing an outreach to VIII’s in the field. My suggestion to him was to treat new staff coming on as the army does: someone that signs up for a five-year contract is immediately trained up to Class V, no matter what their post might be, in addition to any admin training for their post. They audit/are on post those five years and even if they don’t re-sign, there’s another Classed auditor out in the field – probably auditing, but at the very least, simply a trained auditor out there interacting with people everyday – putting in good PR and possibly creating interest in Scientology.

Brian ortega steroids

brian ortega steroids


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