Canker sore steroid cream

So today ends day ten and I’ve been off the hydrocodon and amoxicillin ever since day 6. I had to start up work and needed to start driving myself around and after the day 4-7 vomiting episodes I refuse to take anything that makes me nauseous. The meds are a vicious cycle of being sick because you have no food in you, yet you can’t keep food down from getting sick. If the pain got bad I’d just take two idbuprofen. Which only happened twice. Once when I tried to eat pineapple. And the other happened when I ate some Mongolian shrimp on accident after it was tossed into my fried rice to go container. Though now after day 10 my throat is no longer all white and there are just a couple of white spots and the rest is a healthy pink. I also ate a delicious black bean, egg, cheese, and jalapeño wrap for breakfast and some spicy gumbo soup for lunch due to all the bad weather. I can say that I am so sorry for what some of you are going through, but my first 3 days were completely pain free. And like most. 4-6 were the worst. Not because of any throat pain, but just because of all the pink vomit that came out of my nose and mouth for three hours straight at a time. After the sickness and constipation were out of my system, the pain was gone.

I wish I had seen this post a month ago when my eight year old had FIVE canker sores in her poor little mouth. She had three in a cluster on her inner bottom lip and two on the top and was absolutely miserable. I even made her a doctor appointment because I had no idea why she overnight broke out with so many. They gave her a fifty dollar steroid that she hated because it tasted so bad. I ended up raiding my local drugstore and got her Orajel and a med that was specifically for canker sores. It’s a little tablet you put on top of the sore and after a little while it swells up like a bubble and completely covers it. I thought that worked wonders. I would put it on before bed and when she woke up she had a mouthful of goo but it kept the sore protected all night and she said it still felt cool and tingly over 12 hours later when she woke up. I tried doing a salt water rinse but she is really sensitive to foods and gags at the slightest different texture and just could not manage it. They took almost two weeks to go away and it was a really rough two weeks for my baby girl 🙁

Some experts feel that antibiotics for tonsillitis aren’t appropriate and are overprescribed. According to the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Munich, “microbiological screening tests in children without symptoms are senseless and do not justify an antibiotic treatment.” Many doctors now encourage patients to think twice about asking for prescription antibiotics since sore throats and other infections are commonly viral in nature (not bacterial infections), which aren’t helped by antibiotics.

Canker sore steroid cream

canker sore steroid cream


canker sore steroid creamcanker sore steroid creamcanker sore steroid creamcanker sore steroid creamcanker sore steroid cream