Ct guided steroid injection

A nurse will check your pupils with a flashlight and ask questions, such as "What is your name?" You may experience nausea and headache after surgery; medication can control these symptoms. Depending on the type of brain surgery, steroid medication (to control brain swelling) and anticonvulsant medication (to prevent seizures) may be given. When your condition stabilizes, you’ll be transferred to a regular room where you’ll continue to be monitored and begin to increase your activity level.

SPECT-CT provides the ability to merge or combine the images often allowing the nuclear medicine specialist to more accurately pinpoint the site of any abnormality on your nuclear medicine scan. This may be of particular importance in certain clinical situations, when the interpretation of an area of interest may change depending on its location. For example, in small areas like the spine or feet, it is sometimes hard to determine from the nuclear medicine imaging alone whether the abnormality lies in the bone or the adjacent joints – fusing a SPECT with CT provides added confidence in identifying where the abnormality is.

Ct guided steroid injection

ct guided steroid injection


ct guided steroid injectionct guided steroid injectionct guided steroid injectionct guided steroid injectionct guided steroid injection