Does ct fletcher use steroids

Today’s social media is an amazing fuckin thing!!! Through the miracle of it, I have been able to tell my story. Its incredible how we are all so fuckin connected! This is true in more ways than one.  I continue to tell my story and shed insight with others who actually are interested in my opinion or advice. I am happy to help. In return I receive thousands   of kind   messages and letters from people all over the world about how I have made a positive difference in their lives!  IMAGINE THAT???? HUMILITY does not even begin to scratch the surface.  

Hey there,
Just wanted to share that weightlifting has been a life long passion of mine as I’ve had my shares of up’s and down’s ! as right now at this point of my life I’m still lifting while enjoying being a grandfather to some God’s given precious grandchildren they are my motivation and my inspiration !!let me share my routine today or rather these days, I do every Monday’s Wednesday’s and Fridays on my Wednesday’s I go full body only once out of a week! I’m 5’11” tall and I am at about 235lbs and I can handle 225’s for reps some times I go at 325’s I use a supplement of protein power to get my machine in motion…..well that’s all I have for now and by the way I’ll be 61 years old this upcoming June 7th !!!

Does ct fletcher use steroids

does ct fletcher use steroids


does ct fletcher use steroidsdoes ct fletcher use steroidsdoes ct fletcher use steroidsdoes ct fletcher use steroidsdoes ct fletcher use steroids