Doherty's gym steroids

Hello, welcome to my site. A little about me, I have played high level sport from a very young age. I have competed internationally for rugby and take Kwon do and played professional rugby for London wasps. Academically I attended Whitgift school, then went onto study sports science at Loughborough university for my under grad. I then studied my post graduate in sports nutrition with the cissn. I am now about to start a masters in physiology, this will take me from September 2016 to July 2017 to complete, after which the goal will be to commence a PhD. I am a competitive bodybuilder: Placing top 3 at the ukbff British in 2009. Placing top 10 at the ukbff British In 2011. Placing second at the Nabba England in 2013 and top ten at the Nabba universe in 2013. I placed fourth at the Nabba British in 2014, sadly I was out of the top ten at the universe in 2014. In 2015 I placed top 3 again at the Nabba England. Amongst that I have won a handful of regional qualifiers. 2016 il be competing at the Nabba worlds in Brazil, in June. I am a highly experienced coach, having worked with team Gb shot putters, premiership rugby players, professional strong men, World champion powerlifters and top amateur and professional bodybuilders in Nabba and the ifbb.

Scott Goble
What can I tell you. I'm intentionally boring at the moment. I lift, I eat, I sleep (never enough) and I train other people. I actually love training other people....assuming they are motivated to reach their if that sounds like you shoot me a message. In my limited spare time I troll bodybuilding message boards, posting what I hope are witty remarks. I watch UFC. I read and research any field I think could help me become a better bodybuilder. I even socialize on the rare occasion (despite the fact that society in general glances at me out of the corner of its eye and whispers to it's buddy "steroids") I take my dog out on weekend custody to the dog park or dog beach and yes I spend way too much time on facebook! Read more articles by Scott Goble

Doherty's gym steroids

doherty's gym steroids


doherty's gym steroidsdoherty's gym steroidsdoherty's gym steroids