Fat guy before and after steroids

During my efforts of trying to become fit these past few months I’ve been good at staying away from “crap” I even count my calories. I do have my cheat days though where I allow myself to either eat what I want even if it’s pizza or a piece of chocolate brownie while staying within my calorie goal for the day (1300-1600) or I break my calorie count and eat as many calories as I want but only eating healthy foods and snacks. That’s what I did this past sat! I ate healthy foods only, for breakfast I ate granola protein cereal and a banana. A couple hours later I had an egg whites sandwich. For lunch I had a brown rice salad with dried fruits and nuts and about three tablespoons of peanut butter with carrots to dip. Then I had a protein shake, oh wait two protein shakes haha about 200 calories each. Around dinner time I had two meal bars oh god I don’t know what was going on with me but I ate a ton for dinner, I went crazy! Spaghetti, a turkey sandwich, I even ate a little bit of ice cream haha. I tracked my calories for the day and calculated about 5000 calories that day! I had never done that before my journey started! So the day after my huge binge, I decided to fast, only drinking tea and a protein shake for breakfast to fuel my workout that morning. I only drank wAter and had a sip of apple juice. My fasting didn’t end until 2pm the next day, I ate a turkey sandwich with wheat bread and Greek yogurt. My fasting would’ve lasted longer but is that recommended? to fast more than 24hrs? Also what would you say is the best post fasting meal? And how many calories should it be? I try to eat 200-400kcal meals every 3-4 hrs. Should I keep it that way on my first meal post fasting? Also during a fasting day, should I be working out vigorously or should I keep it on the treadmill and save the weights for a non-fasting day? Thank you. This post is very helpful btw! I was very upset at myself for binging like I did 🙁 I couldn’t stop thinking about my wasted efforts so thanks!

Pretty severe means you don’t respond to the treatment. I didn’t. Most women respond to the hormone supplements and at least have a monthly cycle. I haven’t had one since college, even with pills. I get damn tired of having to prove what I ate, how I exercised and how I live just to get medical professionals to treat me with anything resembling respect. I mentioned a surgeon’s screw up: in a few years, I’ll need an organ transplant thanks to that doctor. Of course, that assumes I can get one: the first doctor I saw at the nearest regional “center of excellence”

Fat guy before and after steroids

fat guy before and after steroids


fat guy before and after steroidsfat guy before and after steroidsfat guy before and after steroidsfat guy before and after steroidsfat guy before and after steroids