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Susan, I can't remember if you have posted about this before, but are they going to repair your torn gluteus medius when they do the hip replacement? I hope so! Nine weeks ago I had gluteus medius and minimus tendon repair surgery, which was 1 1/2 years after my THR, same hip. They were torn immediately after surgery, and it took 1 1/2 years to get them diagnosed and repaired. I had 6 weeks of 20 pound weight bearing, and am now 3 weeks out from that. Still limping some, and feeling very stiff, especially in my back, but no more glute pain! It will take awhile to get the strength back into those poor muscles that were not used for so long.

Lateral hip pain is far too often diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis, even if there is no bursal inflammation.  The primary (most common) cause of lateral hip pain is tendinopathy or dysfunction of the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus muscles(you can see in the image to the right that they attach straight onto the Greater Trochanter). In a new study where over 800 patients with trochanteric pain syndrome were scanned, 50% had gluteal tendinopathy and just 20% had trochanteric bursitis . So given that often gluteal tendinopathy is the primary cause of lateral hip pain it is important for long-term pain relief, rehabilitation exercises and correction of any biomechanical deficiencies (muscle imbalance, leg length discrepancy, poor foot mechanics etc) are followed through with and addressed.

I have been suffering from glut. med. pain for over 30 years and one time I was diagnosed by ultrasound imaging of having glut. med. tendinopathy. Running has been difficult. I read this article in 2013 with interest, and it was of great help. Including massage by a professional therapist twice monthly with emphasis on the hips and exercises as described in this link http:///gluteus- I now do 100 km per month without much hip problems. In fact, nowadays I experience other issues, such as beginning compartment syndrome etc. The amount of suffering seems constant! :=)
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Glute steroid injection spot

glute steroid injection spot


glute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spot