Gym twice a day on steroids

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My Name is Kenya Liptrot and I am writing about the billing practices at Gold’s Gym in Columbia, MD. I received personal training for 6 months. When my 6 month contract ended, I was automatically signed up for a month-to-month contract, which was more expensive. It was my understanding that I would no longer be charged when the contract ended. I contacted the Fitness Manager, Julie Silbergber, and requested a refund of the $ that was charged to my credit card. She reminded me that the month-to-month “roll over” was stated in the contract but she would request the refund. My request was denied even though I had not received personal training under the new month-to-month contract and the “roll over” terms were not explained to me when I initially signed up for personal training. I received no notice of the new contract other than the fine print in the initial contract. Yet, when I requested to end the contract early I was informed that I must submit a request in writing and I would be charged an exorbitant fee for early cancellation. I find these business practices to be substandard at best and I would appreciate some form of acknowledgement from Gold’s Gym’s executive management as a result of this experience.

Gym twice a day on steroids

gym twice a day on steroids


gym twice a day on steroidsgym twice a day on steroidsgym twice a day on steroidsgym twice a day on steroidsgym twice a day on steroids