Gynecomastia caused by steroids

In elderly men the main cause of gynecomastia is thought to be decreasing testosterone production . Medications a patient may have been taking over the years can also play a role. Hormonal medications including androgens, anabolic steroids, antiandrogens, and estrogens can certainly help bring it on, but nonhormonal medications can also be a contributing factor. Of course, some of these ideas remain more in the category of ‘ urban myths ‘, but the consumption of alcohol, marijuana use, and amphetamines have been suggested as agents . Other drugs like tricyclic antidepressents, thiazide diuretics, phenytoin, digoxin, and ketoconazole , taken over many years, are also thought to contribute to the condition .

I’m not quite sure whether or not I have gyno, i’m 17 and am quite out of shape, but am working on fixing that (healthy diet, 4 mile run every day), but my breasts are large, larger than than you’d think for regular fat deposits, my nipples have no puffyness and and are not sensitive at all, I can press them all the way into my chest, and they shrink in the cold. Just wondering what an experts opinion would be as I am very worried they won’t go away, I have already lost 10 pounds and there appears to be no difference. Please help.

Gynecomastia caused by steroids

gynecomastia caused by steroids


gynecomastia caused by steroidsgynecomastia caused by steroidsgynecomastia caused by steroidsgynecomastia caused by steroidsgynecomastia caused by steroids