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Production Manager
Thad Johnson
Ph. +001 901 323 6699
ELOS MEDTECH Elos Medtech is one of Europe’s leading development and production partners for medical technology products and components. We offer innovative turnkey solutions, from concept to finished product, through our Complete Performance concept. POPULAR ARTICLES

  • Operational Excellence – increases capacity and innovation in the medtech industry
  • Profile in Focus: “Our customers get more than high-quality products from us, they get extensive knowledge as well!”
  • Empowering dental distributors at the TTT Event in Denmark
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SE-412 63 Gothenburg

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2 As compared to the Compact Delta ® II
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4 Tailly GG, Tailly-Cusse MM: “Optical Coupling Control: An Important Step Toward Better Lithotripsy”, J Endourol (2014 28(11):1368-73).

Medtech solutions steroids

medtech solutions steroids


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