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The 1964 Dodge 426 Hemi Lightweight produced over 500 bhp (373 kW). This "top drag racer" had an aluminium hood, lightweight front bumpers, fenders, doors and lower valance, magnesium front wheels, lightweight Dodge van seat, Lexan side windows, one windshield wiper, and no sun visors or sound deadening. Like other lightweights of the era, it came with a factory disclaimer: Designed for supervised acceleration trials. Not recommended for general everyday driving because of the compromises in the all-round characteristics which must be made for this type of vehicle . [33]

Hi Dr. Northrup, In early January I had some back surgery on my L4, L5 disc replacement and fusion. I thought I would get better but I am having more issues then I started with. They did 2 surgery’s day 1 they went through my side to replace the disc and day 2 they went through my back to put in a post and screw to keep everything in place. I have had to have 4 MRI since then and lot of lab work because my continues problem. As my surgeon told me all my consistent pelvic pain and leg pain and legs wanting to go out, side and buttock pain is not consistent with problems after surgery. He suggested I should see a gynecologist. He showed me the MRI there was a large sac of fluid collecting around the replaced disc and it said there was inflammatory changes extending into and involving the left psoas muscle. The report also states Differential consideration include inflammatory changes due to recent surgery, and early infectious was then told by surgeon that they say that to cover there butt and that is why they say this? But is is really post surgical swelling? I am wondering as I search for why I am still in pain and I have been sent to RA doc,infectious disease doc, and allergist and next I am going to a pain management doc in his practice, I am concerned about the side incision weather any nerves may have been damaged or if there was any damage to the psoas muscle? Because I am not getting any real answers I am not a doctor but I am trying to figure out what could have happened so it can be fixed. Tired of being in constant pain. Any thoughts? have you spoke with people with a similar problem after this type of surgery? I think this surgeon thinks I am crazy that I have continued pain.

Paired this catback with the pypes x-pipe on my 2006 V6. Just the best sounding V6 I've ever heard. Easy installation, awesome tone, no drone, and the heavier the throttle the better sounding it gets. ... Highly recommend this product, and it's cheaper than other systems. Kudos Roush Performance and American Muscle! Read More Helpful ( 4 ) Thanks for your input!

Muscle extreme super anadrol steroids

muscle extreme super anadrol steroids


muscle extreme super anadrol steroidsmuscle extreme super anadrol steroidsmuscle extreme super anadrol steroidsmuscle extreme super anadrol steroidsmuscle extreme super anadrol steroids