Napkin steroids

I moved to Phoenix, AZ from Minneapolis three years ago. I am surrounded by other transient employees in my office whose fandom lies primarily with the Steelers, Patriots, Bears, and Packers. I am in my mid-30s (“Dad, why are they taking a knee?”) and most of my co-workers are in their mid-20s. When they ask my thoughts on how the Vikings will do any given season, I take out my laminated card that lists: Herschel Walker, 1998, 41-Donut, Daunte’s Knee, Love Boat, 12 men in the Huddle, Adrian’s Camel Ride, and Teddy’s knee). They laugh. I laugh. Then I go back to my office and eat a sleeve of Lorna Doones and think about the time I thought I was cool for buying Chris Hovan a drink at the bar. Then I eat the other sleeve.

      Napkin dermatitis results from prolonged skin contact with urine and faeces. Bacteria convert urea to ammonia which is an alkaline irritant

Napkin steroids

napkin steroids


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