Optimal hcg doses steroids

How might this be of any importance? The beta monomer form found in ordinary HCG, but not in recombinant HCG, activates the TGF-beta receptor. I don’t think this activity provides an important risk for bodybuilding use. Women, for example, experience it for 9 months on end in some cases for multiple pregnancies and do not necessarily suffer much from it, and there’s a very extensive track record of safe bodybuilding use. However, TGF-beta receptor stimulation by this HCG monomer has a potential to promote some cancers. (In contrast, intact HCG is protective.)

Optimal hcg doses steroids

optimal hcg doses steroids


optimal hcg doses steroidsoptimal hcg doses steroidsoptimal hcg doses steroidsoptimal hcg doses steroids