Optimum anabolics jeff anderson download

Easy — you see, you can have your own download of "Big Beyond Belief" all to yourself for 3 entire months (90 days)... and if by that time you aren't consistently and easily putting on slabs of muscle that wreck your wardrobe... then I insist you simply email the manual back. And I'll refund every cent of your purchase price! Just shoot an email to support@ saying "Thanks for letting me try "Big Beyond Belief", but I want a refund". Include your order number (and be sure to email me from the same email address you used to order)... and you will be credited, with a prompt refund.

I personally used the Optimum Anabolics Program for 7 weeks. It has to be the most thoroughly thoughtout system that I have ever used. Everything is formatted for you, the exercises, the reps, the sets, the rest durations and the diet. Every workout has a printable table so you can monitor your progress and record the weights you are lifting. Jeff also includes accurate ways of determining your lean bodyfat percentages. The workouts are awesome and at times very taxing even to an experienced lifter like myself. But the results are awesome, at first I was skeptical of the claims, but after 7 short weeks of the program I am a big believer. In just the short 7 weeks my bodyfat percentage dropped from 23% to 20% with a subsequent increase in lean bodyweight of 3lbs (muscle), my definition improved leaps and bounds. Make no mistake this is the real thing GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!

And that’s too bad, because otherwise, this is a pretty solid program. I’ve been thinking about shaking up my training regimen for a while now, and I really like the idea of a fast, intense wortkout that super-sets isolation and compound exercises together for maximum results. It’s a little different than what I’ve been doing recently and might be a nice change. I’ll follow all of Jeff recommendations save the protein cycling—for reasons just discussed. Personally, I think the program will be even more effective without the period of protein deprivation.

Optimum anabolics jeff anderson download

optimum anabolics jeff anderson download


optimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson download