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Gotta be honest, I always liked niche fragrances, and i have always been secretly proud of wearing "rare" perfumes. The more polarizing, the better, as i always considered that refined things (clothes, food, art, etc.) can only be truly enjoyed by a few. I now start to revisit my judgmental position

This one caught me by surprise, and for once i have to agree with everyone hyping it. It smells incredible. YES, it's been worn -and is still worn- by many, but i'm reasonably confident that i can pull it off in my own way and still be quite singular (or so i think).

That's a killer. I don't care about other batches, i bought my bottle this year and it fulfills even more than i could have expected. Too soon to talk about compliments, but then again, i love it and that's the only thing that matters.

If i had any advice...
- Do not follow blindly fragrance enthusiasts that are promoting fragrances just because they say so.
- Do not be repellent to fragrances that you believe are overly hyped
- Test! Be curious, and see by yourself if you like it and if you believe it could suit you

10/10 in my book

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Reconnaitre steroides

reconnaitre steroides


reconnaitre steroidesreconnaitre steroidesreconnaitre steroidesreconnaitre steroidesreconnaitre steroides