Shoulder steroid injection pain

Hi Mark
49 yr old male . love cricket still but have knocking sound in between 90 and 180 degree
and have zero external rotation. upon acceleration and at point of release my arm goes into extreme pain zone recovery is about 2-3 minutes before the pain goes away.
When i heavily tape shoulder so that i kinda push it inwards the pain is not as bad. My feeling is im pushing over tissue that provides some cushioning to affected area. Mri did show some laberal tears but this seems common pathology with 49 yr old male. Im getting desperate for the inpingement to be fixed. Ive seen 7 different dr or physios and im just paying their holiday house off. Any advice

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Shoulder steroid injection pain

shoulder steroid injection pain


shoulder steroid injection painshoulder steroid injection painshoulder steroid injection painshoulder steroid injection painshoulder steroid injection pain