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This is an episode from a Jeremy Clarkson special (Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours) from 2001, in Italy. At minute 27:00 he’s driving around Southern Italy, and remarks that there appear to be no people around. He notes that the reason isn’t that they’ve moved away, because it’s true of all of Italy, but that women aren’t having enough children. He then interviews a small town’s mayor, who explains that it’s a big problem, that the birth rate has halved in the past 30 years, and that the government is offering cash incentives for children (1million lire for the 1st child, 2 million lire for the 2nd, etc.) But to no avail. He goes on to say that Italian women are now more interested in their careers………..

The word for today ( DREAMS )Anyone can have a dream and you must protect that dream from doubt with in yourself and others.. It may feel good now but is it good for you? Relationship can ether make you or break you . They will ether inspire you to greatness or pull you back to average. ( you were not born to be average ) No one succeed on there own… Remember memories have to be made if you are reading this? Average is not in your vocabulary.. Be phenomenal as I see you and you will not be forgotten..for I will never forget there’s greatness in you .. may you always find the joy in life.
John aka The Big Ape 🦍

Sophie arvebrink steroids

sophie arvebrink steroids


sophie arvebrink steroidssophie arvebrink steroidssophie arvebrink steroidssophie arvebrink steroidssophie arvebrink steroids