Staffy on steroids

Hi, I have inherited a parsons jack Russell fixed female 9 yrs old. My x husband passed suddenly and there was no one to take her. I didn’t want a dog. I am on odsp. So life is tough. Every year she develops rash on her feet and legs it is a very nasty looking thing,,this year is the worst. When she first came to stay,,she was pretty sick she had ear infection. They were so bad they. We’re almost shut. She still had the sore feet in feb. it is set now and the rash came back in July and nowit issept. And is really nasty, worse then ever before,, runny eyes.. I am at wigs end

My dog Rocky has just been to the vets and has come home
with steroids which are supposedly to help with his dry skin condition.
This is the second Staffy I have had and due to the steroids my first Staffy died younger than he should have,
My main question is ‘why do vets automatically seem to put dogs on steroids’?
Would it not be better for the dog to try other methods first such as moisturising shampoo or maybe massaging with essential oils?
I don’t want to lose Rocky before his time too and am willing to try anything other than these steroids.
Thanks for reading nad I’m sorry there is no pic but we haven’t had him long enough to get any pics of him…he won’t sit still long enough hehe

Angel was an ex breeding dog who we re-homed when she was three years of age. She was nervous and didn't trust any humans, however, as soon as my mother found her they were inseparable. Angel clinged to my mother and wouldn't let her go, and she never let go till the day the angels reclaimed her. We never knew true friendship until we met you.
Angel was a beautiful dog with a beautiful heart, with our love making her stronger every day. She eventually began to trust again, with walks on the beach being her favorite activity along with barking at the cat from Coronation Street.
She was truly the best companion any one could ask for, with her devoted stare and constant undying love. I'm so glad that her last ten years was filled with laughter, happiness and love which every pet deserves. Her memory will be with us always as she left a deep paw print on all of our hearts.
We love you Angel, may you rest in peace and I can't wait for us to meet again. You truly were our most favorite hello, and our hardest goodbye. Although we filled your life with love and devotion, nothing compares to what you gave to us. Sleep tight my little Angel

Staffy on steroids

staffy on steroids


staffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroids