Steroid secreting tumor

Because brain tumors develop in parts of the brain that control movement, speech, vision and thinking, rehabilitation may be a necessary part of recovery. Although the brain can sometimes heal itself after the trauma of treatment, it will take time and patience. A neuropsychologist can help patients evaluate changes caused by their brain tumor and develop a plan for rehabilitation. A neuropsychological evaluation assesses the patient's emotional state, daily behavior, cognitive (mental) abilities, and personality.

In those patients not suited for or unwilling to undergo surgery, several drugs have been found to inhibit cortisol synthesis (. ketoconazole , metyrapone ) but they are of limited efficacy. [ citation needed ] Mifepristone is a powerful glucocorticoid type II receptor antagonist and, since it does not interfere with normal cortisol homeostatis type I receptor transmission, may be especially useful for treating the cognitive effects of Cushing's syndrome. [38] However, the medication faces considerable controversy due to its use as an abortifacient . In February 2012, the FDA approved mifepristone to control high blood sugar levels ( hyperglycemia ) in adult patients who are not candidates for surgery, or who did not respond to prior surgery, with the warning that mifepristone should never be used by pregnant women. [39]

If the adrenal glands are to be removed, the pituitary gland will first be treated with radiation. If this isn’t done, removing the adrenals can cause the pituitary tumor to get larger and even start growing into the structures near the pituitary. This is known as Nelson syndrome . When the adenoma gets large, it can damage the normal parts of the pituitary gland, causing problems from hormone deficiency. It can also lead to high levels of ACTH. Because ACTH is a lot like the hormone that causes tanning of the skin, the high ACTH levels make the skin darker.

Steroid secreting tumor

steroid secreting tumor


steroid secreting tumorsteroid secreting tumorsteroid secreting tumorsteroid secreting tumorsteroid secreting tumor