Steroidal hormone


In this cohort of men with prostate cancer managed with AS or WW this study demonstrated 6 months of Pomi-T  demonstrated highly statistically significant short term favourable effect on the percentage rise in PSA compared to placebo. It was well tolerated without any significant adverse effects or concomitant drug interactions and resulted in significantly more men remaining on AS or WW avoiding the toxicities and expense of medical interventions. No change in testosterone levels occurred in men taking Pomi-T and disease seen on MRI correlated with PSA dynamics.

Organ growth : As   Growth Hormone heals, repairs, and grows almost every single cell and tissue type in the body; organ enlargement can become a possible issue as a result. Once again, as with the side effect of acromegaly, excessive doses of Human Growth Hormone must be used in addition to long-term use. The growth of organs is a slow process that takes place over the long-term use (and occurs quicker in the presence of high or excessive Growth Hormone doses). This GH side effect also often causes what is colloquially known as ‘GH belly’ or ‘HGH gut’ often seen in the top tier professional bodybuilders. In such cases, organ growth (in this case specifically the intestines) becomes large enough to start pressing outward against the abdomen, often giving the gut a distended look when un-flexed.

Steroidal hormone

steroidal hormone


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