Steroidogenic pathways chart

The StAR protein was first identified, characterized and named by Dr. Douglas Stocco at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 1994. [18] The role of this protein in lipoid CAH was confirmed the following year in collaboration with Dr. Walter Miller at the University of California, San Francisco . [19] All of this work follows the initial observations of the appearance of this protein and its phosphorylated form coincident with factors that caused steroid production by Dr. Nanette Orme-Johnson while at Tufts University . [20]

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Students interested in working with us should know that fluorescence methodologies and equipment are highly amenable to novice researchers, for a number of reasons: (i) the necessary devices are easy to operate, therefore researchers can obtain data after brief training periods; (ii) data generation is observed real-time, which allows the luxury and gratification of immediate experimental evaluation; and (iii) a vast array of available fluorescent probes permits the measurement of a large variety of cellular processes including ion fluxes, membrane potential, and mechanisms of cell death. We have mentored dozens of graduate and undergraduate students from all types of health sciences programs. Most have presented their work at regional or national meetings, and many are co-authors on posters and publications. Please contact us if you are interested.

Steroidogenic pathways chart

steroidogenic pathways chart


steroidogenic pathways chartsteroidogenic pathways chartsteroidogenic pathways chartsteroidogenic pathways chartsteroidogenic pathways chart