Teutul sr steroids

When he’s not busy building rolling billboards for TrimSPA and Sam’s Club, or unhinging office doors using only his size-12 boot, Paul Sr. has been flexing his muscles at the courthouse with a lawsuit to force a buyout of Jr.’s 20 percent share in OCC, plus another $1 million in damages related to "competitive activities" after the younger Teutul opened his own firm called Paul Jr. Designs. Speaking of legal actions, there are rumors of possible foreclosure on the company’s 3-year-old International headquarters in Newburgh, New York, after Paul Sr. reportedly withheld payments in an effort to force GE Capital to renegotiate the loan. And, speaking of muscle, reports early this year alleged Paul Sr.’s name and personal information appeared on records seized in conjunction with a Florida steroids investigation—maybe it was ’roid rage all along! How much of this hubbub is ginned up to satisfy viewers’ boundless appetite for tawdry titillation is unknown.

Teutul sr steroids

teutul sr steroids


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