Why do athletes use steroids drugs

Do high of cortisol levels increase or decrease the levels of dopamine? How would this affect someone suffering from ADD in their adult life? Low levels of dopamine are the main problem of ADD. However....ADD patients who don't receive proper management of care usually are stressed out continuously and therefore their cortisol levels are on high all the time which leads to more mental health problems like depression and anxiety. The depression is usually a dopamine deficient type of depression so my question is what role, if any, does high cortisol play in the problem of ADD?

When most people think of daily fasts, Martin Berkhan’s LeanGains comes to mind. Berkhan’s proposal of a 16-hour fast followed by an 8-hour eating window is excellent for athletic performance, although the main reason may not be the one that you initially believed. During daily fasts, the laser sharp focus your brain experiences should be taken advantage of and used for increased concentration during sports or even weight training. This translates to improved performance such as fewer errors, quicker reaction times, smarter choices, and (in some cases) quicker strength gains.

Rituals appear to be effective, but, given the wide variety of rituals documented by social scientists, do we know which types of rituals work best? In a recent study conducted in Brazil, researchers studied people who perform simpatias : formulaic rituals that are used for solving problems such as quitting smoking, curing asthma, and warding off bad luck. People perceive simpatias to be more effective depending on the number of steps involved, the repetition of procedures, and whether the steps are performed at a specified time. While more research is needed, these intriguing results suggest that the specific nature of rituals may be crucial in understanding when they work – and when they do not.

Why do athletes use steroids drugs

why do athletes use steroids drugs


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